Yes, I have the calculations and cost recoveries, business plan, project planning and other documents. I’m not just an architect, I am a developer and it’s my job.
I’ve already done: internal roads (partial), water, septic tank, artificial pond, landscaping, foundations for buildings, planted maple alley and other trees, etc. There are problems of course, but the project is moving.
I’m an engineer – shipbuilder, but since 2000 I have worked as an architect in a company for the development of territories.
Yes, the project does require large investments. Do you want to participate in this project with your skills and money?

 You are welcome. My email is: Olga Belous <obelous1(at)>

Town Gdov and the place where my manor is located  are connected with a very ancient history of Russia.
You can read about Gdov\rossiya\pskovskaya-oblast\gdov;\wiki\Гдов;\resort\31223\places

Gdov is from Saint-Petersburg at a distance 250 km and 125km from Pskov, very old and interesting city too.
My piece of land is located from Gdov – 20km.

And yes, my field is located approximately 400 meters from Lake Peipus.

In accordance with the law the lake has a buffer zone of 200 meters. On the part of my piece is free beach.