Manager has the word

I’ll tell you about my project.
Project goal: to acquaint residents  of a megacity with the life in the village, the relax in a clean area, the eat organic food. And also this is the introduction to one of the oldest cities in Russia – Gdov and its attractions.

This is the construction of a farm for breeding goats (20-25) and the production of cheese. In addition, the farm will be have the contact park where will be live pets (chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, horses, rabbits and ofcourse goats) and the visitors of farm will be able to communicate with them. I also plan to make apothecary garden, where healthy grass will grow.

To implement the project purpose, I plan to be engaged country tourism. I’m going to build a small hotel with 10 rooms (20 beds) with a cafe and a hall for sports activities.
Also on the farm, I plan to conduct trainings on healthy lifestyle, for this I’m going to give a area for placing camp.

What I have.
I have the piece of land near Peipus lake (400 meters), area – 8 hectares. It  is my property. The piece has an
source of water, a septic tank, a Electricity will be conducted in December 2016, built entrance to the piece, made an artificial body of water, made the internal road (partially) made ditches for water drainage, paved central alley with maple seedlings, made landscaped works, the foundation is built on the first stage (5 rooms) mini hotel.

What I need.

I’m looking for partners – founders. For the project I need to attract funds in the amount of 368 000 Euro.
Payback period – 6 years.

Now the situation is developing in our country is very favorable for such projects.

First courses dollar and the euro is very grown up and basically people of our country are not able to as often to go abroad and to travel abroad.

Secondly due to the tense situation in the world, it became a not safe.

Thirdly the tourism industry is very poorly developed in our country.

Fourthly due to the embargo, many products disappeared from the market, including a good cheese.

Fifth city resident needs clean air, clean ekolgicheski products, communication with nature and animals.
Earlier, St. Petersburg residents had the opportunity when they went to Finland. It was a simple and affordable. Now, most people can not afford it.

Why did city Gdov and Gdov district choose for implamentation the  project?

– Gdov district is located relatively close to St. Petersburg (250 km).
– This direction does not transport traffic jams and provide good roads.
– This is really an ecologically clean area.
– City  Gdov and Gdov district are rich in historic and natural sights.
– Lake Peipus is one of the best bodies of water in our country is located on the territory of the district. \ My piece of land is 400 meters from the lake \.

Variants of cooperation  can be different, including the transfer of part of the piece of land in the property business partners or go to the ownership part of the business.

If you have questions, I will try to answer them.


Olga Belous